MO Tested: Alpinestars SP X Air Carbon V2 Glove Review

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By Evans Brasfield

The thing I love most about the change of seasons is getting reacquainted with different pieces of riding gear. Case-in-point, the recent late spring weather made me pull out my vented gear, and I’ve discovered, again, how much I like the Alpinestars SP X Air Carbon V2 Gloves. How much is that? Well, I wear them with riding gear that doesn’t begin with the letter A, which the PR representatives of the other gear manufacturers will say is not an appropriate thing for a moto-journalist to do. Let’s take a look at what goes into a glove that I have gotten quite fond of, shall we?

This shorty warm weather vented glove features a chassis constructed out of a combination of perforated leather and stretchable mesh, which accounts for both the comfortable fit and the cooling breeze it flows – enough, in fact, to get quite cool during the springtime temperature drop after dark. The precurved fingers have accordion panels for padding and ease of movement, while the externally seamed protective leather layers are perforated. Although the bulk of the inner fingers is constructed of leather, mesh fabric makes a cooling appearance in the crotches where the fingers meet the hand. As with all Alpinestars performance gloves, the pinky finger gets a leather support to keep it from being bent away from the rest of the fingers in a crash. Another nice addition is the touchscreen-compatible index fingertip on both gloves.

The finger protection is formidable. Note how the pinky is attached to the ring finger.

The main body of the glove consists of formidable carbon knuckle protection – with inner padding – on the back of the hand. A gusset on the back of the carbon armor allows it to lift as the glove grips the handlebar. In addition to providing …read more

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