1950 Harley-Davidson Daytona Racer For Sale

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By Wade Thiel

With Fewer Than Five Miles On It

Harley-Davidson has a history of racing in TT races, hill climbs, road racing, and more. When we think Harley now we think big slow cruisers, but the company used to have some killer and fast machines. This 1950 Harley-Davidson Daytona Racer is just that—a killer racing machine—and it’s for sale at Hemmings.

This particular motorcycle is a 1950 WR Harley-Davidson with fewer than five miles on it. It’s certainly a collector item, but it does run and is designed as a competition only model. The engine and transmission were recently rebuilt, and there’s documentation of the rebuild provided by the seller.

If you want to own a real piece of history, then you should seriously consider this motorcycle. It will ship to anywhere in the world, and collectors should take note. It’s worth pointing out that Harley is still the most winning make in the entire history of the Grand National Championships. Most of those wins were racked up when motorcycle racing was in its infancy, but still.

Obviously this Harley doesn’t come cheap (what Harley does anymore?). You’re looking at forking over $47,000 or best offer. For the average joe, this is a lot of money, for an avid motorcycle collector, this doesn’t sound wildly outlandish. It’s a cool old bike, and its ethos is something Harley should look to when considering new models to build to attract new riders.

1950 Harley-Davidson

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