Is Now the Time to Buy a New Motorcycle?

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By John Burns

Yes! I mean No! The correct answer is maybe. It all depends on if you care about money at all, the love of which is the root of all evil. If you’re not worried about your income stream or getting the absolute best deal on a new bike, now is as good a time to buy as any and better than most since it’s springtime, and all the pretty new horses are out!

The conventional wisdom this spring seems to be that with the global pandemic going on, manufacturers and dealers are hurting for business and will bow and scrape for your low-ball offer. Maybe they will. It all depends. You’ve got your ideas about what the future will look like and so does your dealer. Just like investing in the stock market (investing in anything, really), it’s all about walking that fine line between fear and greed.

If you believe the government is doing the right thing by “opening up the economy,” that the pandemic will soon be in remission and all will soon be right with the world again (or if you believe the whole thing was way overblown to begin with), then you probably want to beat the rush, get in there now and get a new bike before they’re all sold out – especially if you can find a dealer who believes the opposite, that the downturn will continue and wants to move inventory now. A positive outlook for the future would include the idea that, once the crisis has passed, many people will have learned how cool it is to work from home, that they’ll barely need a car or to put gas in the one they already have, that they’ll fly off less to distant holidays – and all that increased cash flow and freedom should …read more

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