Readers Rides: 1999 Honda VTR1000F Firestorm – Part 1

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When you think of a 1000cc Honda V-Twin sportbike from the start of the millennium, what comes to mind? Naturally, it’s the VTR1000F, right? Wait, what’s that? You’re thinking of the RC51? Well, Micky Garneau wasn’t. Granted he was looking for a street bike, but the time, effort, and money he’s put into his VTR1000F Firestorm, otherwise known as the Superhawk in the US, rivals that of many racebike builds we’ve seen. Here’s Part 1 of Micky’s bike build.

The OCMD Chronicles

It’s referred to as OCMD, an abbreviation of Obsessive-Compulsive Modding Disorder. You won’t find it in any Compendium of the American Psychiatric Association, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. So, “what is OCMD?”, you ask. Well, to make a long story short, it’s an affliction that compels its victim to embark on a virtually endless process of “modding” to a specific object, in this case, a motorcycle. I bought my VTR used (with 15,000 km) in February of 2001, without a test ride (such was my faith in the unanimity of the various reviews I had read). Being in the throes of winter in Canada, I was counting the days until I could throw a leg over it. When Old Man Winter finally decided to aestivate, the moment of truth had arrived; I had never ridden a V-twin before and was not sure what to expect, to be honest. Off I went and my initial reaction was one of disappointment, for nowhere to be found was the rabid surge of acceleration I had expected from a literbike. It was compact and agile, but it seemed… slow. And so began my quest to make one medium metallic blue Honda VTR1000F the bike I hoped it to be.

Pre-OCMD… Needless to say, it’s evolved quite a bit in 19 years and over …read more

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