Motorcycle Cover Buyer’s Guide

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In a perfect world, you’d probably park your motorcycle in your bedroom, where it’ll be nice and cozy, and well out of harm’s way. But, as we know, the world is not perfect, and many of us are left parking our beloved motorcycles outside, exposed to the elements and even the prying eyes of those with bad intentions.

Enter the motorcycle cover. While not as effective in protecting your bike from Mother Nature or vandals as keeping it parked inside, if you have to leave your bike outside, a cover is the next best line of defense. This is your guide to some of the different types.

There’s a surprising amount of variety when it comes to motorcycle covers, and while this guide is not intended to cover every single one of them, it should at least open your eyes to what’s available, and maybe even point you in the right direction as to which is right for you.

Half Covers

Say you commute on your bike, and instead of leaving it exposed to the elements while parked, you’d like to have a clean seat and controls when it’s time to ride again. Half covers are perfect for this. Small, light, and easier to transport, half covers are exactly that – covers that extend from the front to back and only drop down slightly below the seat.

See the Oxford Umbratex Cover above, for example. It’s pretty clear the wheels and lower portions of the bike are still exposed, but all the upper bits are protected from the elements. Some covers line the bottom portion with elastic to fit over the bike, while others include elastic and either Velcro or straps to keep the cover secure.

Lastly, because motorcycles come in so many different shapes and sizes, half covers, including the Umbratex here, also are available …read more

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