MV Agusta Adds New Colors for the Superveloce 800

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By Wade Thiel

More Colors, More to Love

The MV Agusta Superveloce 800 is a wonderful and attractive sportbike, but one of the few complaints was that it was only offered in one color. Now the company has decided to put it out in two different colors to give the bike some variety.

The first is Ago Red / Ago Silver. These colors make sense for the brand and the bike. They’re MV Agusta’s colors and they fit the bike well with the red on the majority of the bike and the sliver adorning the bodywork to either side of the bike. The lettering on the side of the bike is in blue, which stands out nicely on the side of the bike.

The second color combination is Metallic Carbon Black / Metallic Dark Gray. This color combo offers a more sinister look and the gray accentuates the side body panels of the bike and sets it off from the black that adorns the majority of the motorcycle. The lettering is gold here and stands out well against the dark gray.

In both color options, the wheels and trellis frame stay gold, which is appropriate and works well with both color schemes. The Superveloce 800 looks impressive no matter how you look at it or what color you choose. It was smart of MV Agusta to offer two colors for this bike.

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