Church of MO: 2000 BMW F 650 GS Ride Report

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By John Burns

A reading from the book of Schvetz: On this very day [almost exactly 20 years ago] I have been running errands in city traffic, cruising effortlessly on the highway, carving some canyons and trail riding on the same machine for you, the lazy mouse dragger, upon a strange yet captivating combination of curvaceous lines, purposeful looking parts and some really tacky details. Yea, and verily – BMW used to make some very nice big Singles.


Think of it as a GS Lite

By Yossef Schvetz May. 20, 2000
Photos by Yossef Schvetz

Tel Aviv, May 23, 2000 — Radical things have been happening at BMW lately. First they re-wrote the book on cruisers with their R1200C. Then they made a stormer of a boxer sporting twin, the R1100S, and now their attention has been directed towards big singles. By reading just the spec sheets you wouldn’t guess that the new F650GS is revolutionary by any means. You can go through the details in the First Look, but here are the basics for you, the lazy mouse dragger: A full downdraft intake system, an electronic fuel injection system, an under the seat fuel tank and a twin spar frame. Yep, the guys who have been known for their conservative approach have revolutionized the architecture of BMW’s single cylinder motorcycle.

What do you get in return for all this mumbo-jumbo? How about a 113 mph top speed for a tall and aerodynamically-challenged 650cc single? Impressive, no? The guys at BMW have taken an idea present in sportbikes for the last fifteen years and applied it to a single cylinder engine. The fuel injector throat, air filter and airbox now sit where the fuel tank used to be, giving the incoming air a straight shot to the motor. The tank has moved under the seat with the added …read more

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