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Terry Hopkins tells us the tale of “the orange bike” whose powerplant narrowly escaped a fate worse than death – slowly rotting away in a dark dank Florida shop corner – only then to be stuffed into an exhumed Honda CB frame. The resulting build is more impressive than you might think:

The Bike was built as a project by noted bike builder Rev. Jim in Seminole Florida. The “Orange Bike”, as people call it, was a TV star.

The story was that the engine, built in 1978, was lost in shipping for two years. When it finally arrived at Rev Jim’s in 1980 or so he was racing Harleys. So, it sat in its original box until the Discovery Channel called in 2010.

Rev Jim and crew then built the bike from a titled frame literally dug out of the ground at Eagle Motorcycle Savage, in St, Petersburg, Florida.

It was on 4 episodes of Café Racer TV, filmed in 2012. Watch it if you like, it is a pretty good story. Later, it was raced at Valdosta Drags by 11-time World Champion Ricky Gadson and worked on by “Spiderman” Larry McBride, also a world record holder.

The “Orange Bike” has raced at Bonneville and even set an AMA land speed record in the 1000MCF class. It earned an AMA number 1# plate in 2018.

the orange bike

The “Orange Bike” won the RATSHOLE Bike Show café racer trophy twice, once at Daytona and once at Leesburg. Also a magazine star, the Orange Bike was on the cover of Cafe Racer magazine with Ricky Gadson piloting …read more

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