Dobermann Performance Slip-On Exhaust Review

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By Jim Pruner

Dobermann Slip-On Exhaust Has A Beautiful Bark

Why do we do it? Take off perfectly good, engine-specific built, tuned mufflers, and replace them with more expensive aftermarket ones?

2019 ktm 790r adventure stock exhaust

2019 ktm 790r adventure dobermann exhaust

If we’re completely honest about it there are four reasons why;

  • Lighter weight aftermarket materials
  • Smaller and better-looking products
  • Slight performance improvements
  • Louder and throatier sound

Weight is a consideration if you’re racing the motorcycle, or doing long tours with heavy luggage where fuel economy is a factor. I suppose in an offroad bike lighter is nicer to pick back up when you tip over too.

The Inconvenient Truth

Performance improvements are very limited when it comes to exhaust these days despite some people’s outlandish claims. Typically you’ll only see increased horsepower in the 0.5 to 1.8 range which isn’t even perceptible. Any manufacturer claiming more than that is blowing proverbial exhaust in your face, so to speak. Yes, putting on some freer-flowing exhaust and air intake components is a part of getting more power, but in fuel injected engines it’s really more about the ECU mapping these days than anything else. That or a supercharger of some sort.

So now it comes to looks and sound which I believe is the main impetus for dropping your hard-earned cash unnecessarily on exhaust “farkles”.

Enter Dobermann Performance Exhaust

The people at Dobermann Performance are honest enough with themselves and us to admit their stunningly beautiful exhaust systems won’t improve power at all. It does however excel at changing the exhaust sound thanks to a 3 level variable decibel (dB) killer. …read more

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