The Clash of Two Super Middleweights: KTM 890 Duke R vs. Triumph Street Triple RS

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By Troy Siahaan

Ryan Adams Photos by: Evans Brasfield (Street), Caliphotography (Track) Video by: Sean Matic

As of 2015, the sport of boxing has a total of 17 different weight classes. For a while before that there were only eight, and during the sport’s early days there was only one – heavyweight. These two machines certainly aren’t heavyweights, and as I looked down the weight categories, cruiserweight sounded more apt for a future test of American iron, and light heavyweight is an oxymoron. After that, there’s super middleweight, a class slightly heavier than your regular middleweights. Perfect.

2020 KTM 890 Duke R – First Ride Review

2020 Triumph Street Triple 765 RS Review – First Ride

Boxing parallels are somewhat common whenever you put two competitors against each other. So, forgive me for doing it again with the title of this test – but there’s a method to the madness. Just calling the KTM 890 Duke R and Triumph Street Triple RS naked bikes doesn’t do either justice. Their mid-displacement engines hold them back from true streetfighter status, too (at least based on my arbitrary rules that I’m making up as I type this sentence). But these two motorcycles certainly are special, and with motorcycling (or maybe it’s just moto-journo hacks like us) continually defining itself into smaller and smaller sub-categories, sometimes it helps to draw inspiration from outside the sport.

From the moment we first threw a leg over the KTM 890 Duke R, it was clear that it was going to be a contender for all kinds of awards and accolades. It’s a damn good motorcycle, highlighted by an engine that instantly put a grin on our faces. But there’s another motorcycle out there, similar in many ways to the …read more

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