Voltz Motors May Have A New Electric Street Bike Coming

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By Wade Thiel

Coming Out of Brazil

The Brazilian electric motorcycle company Voltz Motors could announce a new model soon. According to The Pack, the company has a smart electric motorcycle in the works. The bike looks to be a naked sportbike or sport-touring machine.

According to an unnamed source, “It will be a smart electric motorcycle due to the large amount of tech built into the bike and the possibility for different combinations of battery packs.”

I would expect Voltz Motors to be targeting the Zero SR/F with this new bike. However, that is a pretty tall order. The SR/F is one of the best electric motorcycles on sale today. That said, it is doable.

RideApart notes that some of the proportions look off in the drawings, and the publication suggests that this could in fact be not a naked sportbike but instead an electric Honda Grom competitor. That is certainly possible. If the bike is that, then it will likely compete with CSC’s City Slicker, which has been out for some time now.

The technical specifications on that bike are decent, but Voltz Motors could beat them pretty easily I would assume. Voltz would only have to pack in more than about 60 miles of range to beat CSC’s bike.

Obviously, there is a lot of speculation at this point and not much concrete to go on. If The Pack is right and the bike is set to debut in the next couple of months, then I’ll find out more before the summer is out.

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