REAX Traveler Waterproof Pants Review

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By Bruce Cole

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With spring waning and summer waxing, we finally seem to be putting the cooler wet weather behind us, although as we head into the warm (hot) humid (sticky) days of summer, thunderstorms and rainy days will be experienced; don’t forget that I mentioned the ‘wet’ stuff…it’s relative to this review.

The global COVID-19 Pandemic is impacting all of us to varying degrees. Thankfully, for many motorcyclists (but not all) getting out for social-distancing self-isolating rides is viable while still appreciating the issues and in not ignoring local restrictions, but please don’t become a burden on precious first responder resources…

And in talking about riding and safety, my premise is, depending on where you live and travel, that like riding boots you never have enough rain gear, the essential pieces protecting you from the elements – a wet, cold and miserable ride isn’t always a safe one.

We’ve had our fair share of the wet stuff over the last three months – some of which started as snow and sleet but then thankfully changed to straight rain, along with light nuisance showers to heavy tropical-style downpours…conditions all experienced while out riding.

The current rain gear collection varies from lightweight pull-on pieces to heavier duty mix-n-match sized two-piece suits hung ready for departure use or carefully folded/rolled in stuff bags for …read more

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