MO Tested: FLY Formula Helmet Review

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By Ryan Adams

The new FLY Formula helmet sits atop the company’s helmet line up in terms of safety, materials, and price ($649.96). FLY’s Conehead EPS technology, Impact Energy Cells from Rheon Labs, and the helmet’s 12k carbon fiber shell all come together to make a substantial lid that FLY claims is its safest yet.

After being able to use this lid during some technical trail rides as well as a recent 1,000-mile dual-sport trip, I’m happy to report that I can’t report on its crashworthiness. There is still plenty to talk about though. First, let’s do a deep dive into what makes this helmet stand out in the market.


Starting from the outside, the FLY Formula’s shell is built from 12k carbon fiber. The 12k refers to the 12,000 carbon filaments per band. These wider, flatter carbon fiber weaves make the shell both lighter and stronger than a smaller, more traditional carbon fiber weave.

Next up is FLY’s Conehead EPS technology. The company claims the unique EPS “provides a softer liner through which cones help manage and absorb impact force more efficiently. Six critical zones have been fine tuned for a progressive response to low-speed and high-speed impacts”. The helmet also uses a thicker EPS liner in specific areas such as the forehead to provide better protection in areas more likely to sustain impact.

FLY Formula Helmet review

Heading deeper still into the Formula’s layers of protection are the Rheon Labs Impact Energy Cells. These cells are made from highly strain-rate sensitive polymers that stiffen momentarily while absorbing energy. The technology is similar to the more widely known D3O material. The shape of these …read more

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