Sedici Garda Waterproof Pants Review

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By Alan Buller

Several years ago RevZilla and Cycle Gear (and now J&P Cycles) merged under COMOTO Holdings. This has allowed RevZilla’s team of designers to completely redesign the house brands and address a lot of the issues from previous generations. Sedici is one of these in-house brands, and the Garda Pants is one of the results of the redesign.

The Garda is a complete technical ADV / Touring suit for around $420 for both pieces. It features a laminated and seam-sealed waterproof shell, as well as many other technical features for a significant value.

The goal of COMOTO and the Sedici brand is to create quality motorcycle gear without the high price tag.

Revzilla was kind enough to send me both the Sedici Garda Pants and Jacket. In this review, I will be testing the Sedici Garda Pants. In a separate review on Web Bike World, you can find my opinions on the Garda Jacket.

I tested the pants on two different bikes. First a touring/cruiser (Yamaha Stratoliner) the other a standard/naked (Kawasaki ZRX) bike.

I am always anxious to get riding in the spring. When the call went out in the first week in March to review the Sedici Garda gear, I jumped at the opportunity. Although the Garda pants are not insulated, there is ample room for a base and mid-layer, perfect for early season riding. Or so I thought…

This spring would be different. Nothing like a world pandemic to squash my enthusiasm. In the province where I reside the request was made for no non-essential travel. Although there was not a ban on riding, I felt it was best to park the bike in support of healthcare workers and all others that are fighting the virus.

By late May restrictions had started to be lifted, and I felt comfortable heading out for rides. This …read more

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