Klim Krios Pro Review: Koroyd Makes It Awesome

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By Jim Pruner

Redemption? Or More Pain?

Last year I reviewed the Klim K1R Raw Karbon helmet and although I liked many things about it, the fatal flaw was how loud it was to wear on the highway. Brutally loud, in fact.

After touring the Klim HQ in Rigby, Idaho last September while I was down there enjoying the Cow Tagz XL Rally, I had the chance to try on a few other helmets and learn more about the innovations being made to their line of head protection.

Klim is all about pushing the envelope and taking chances, starting new trends with bold design ideas not often found amongst other mainstream helmet manufacturers. I love their moxie and pioneering attitude!

They don’t let the fear of failure (or criticism from certain wBW reviewers) keep them from innovating.

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Koroyd: The Future?

In particular, I was strongly drawn in after hearing about the glowing green layer of material called Koroyd they’ve started integrating into the crown area of some of their helmets.

Photo from Koroyd

Koroyd looks like dozens of plastic straws fused together into a tightly-knit layer of tubules fashioned out of Kryptonite. Happily, these tubes aren’t harmful to anyone including the Man of Steel. In fact, the opposite is true. Koroyd and Klim claim these straws can protect the wearer as much as 48% better in a crash than the EPS foam found in 99% of helmets on the market today.

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