BMW Releases Details on Active Cruise Control System

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By Dennis Chung

BMW released details about its new Active Cruise Control system, its version of Bosch’s Adaptive Cruise Control technology. Whatever the name, the system uses radar sensors to detect objects ahead of a motorcycle and adjusts the cruising speed to maintain a safe distance.

Our own Ryan Adams got a first-hand look at Bosch’s system in 2018, and both KTM and Ducati have announced plans to introduce the technology into their motorcycles as early as the 2021 model year, but BMW is the first to go into detail about how it will work.

BMW’s active cruise control system controls are located on the left handlebar’s switchgear. The distance selector allows riders to set the preferred separation space ahead. The distance function can also be deactivated, turning system into a regular non-active cruise control system.

With its active system, riders will be able to set both a cruising speed and a distance ahead of the motorcycle. As long as the area within that range ahead of the motorcycle is clear, the cruise control system will maintain the set speed.

The Set/Res button selects the current riding speed for the cruise control. Pressing it forward again increases it by 1 mph (with a short press) or 5 mph (with a longer press). Holding the button down longer increases the set speed by 5 mph until it is released. Pressing the button to the rear reduces the speed. Pressing the distance button toggles between three settings: short, medium or long.

As with regular cruise control systems, riders can override the speed by twisting the throttle. Cruise control can be turned off by braking or turning the throttle grip forward past its resting position. Applying the clutch interrupts the cruise control for 1.5 seconds. BMW’s system has two …read more

Source:: BMW Releases Details on Active Cruise Control System


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