Lessons From a MOron: Essential Throttle Control Techniques

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By Troy Siahaan

If there’s one skill on a motorcycle that we take for granted, throttle control might very well be it. If you know how to ride a motorcycle, then you know you need to twist your right wrist. It’s such a fundamental part of what we do, we don’t even think about it. We joke about it all the time, too, using hand motions to “pin it” and go “WFO.” But as any coach of any sport will tell you, mastering the fundamentals is key, and knowing how to use the throttle effectively will go a long way in your motorcycling journey.

You’re probably reading this knowing intrinsically that managing the throttle is important, but you might be left wondering why we’ve dedicated a whole page to it. Well, if you’re one of the lucky ones with a motorcycle blessed with perfect fueling, this might be less of an issue for you. Managing the power requested from your hand to the back tire is easy. Unfortunately, many motorcycles aren’t blessed with perfect fueling, especially more recent ones with strange fuel mapping strategies to help meet sound or emission regulations rather than helping you achieve a smooth ride. Or, in other cases, some bikes have multiple power modes with standard settings that are too aggressive in one but not aggressive enough in the other.

Yamaha’s FZ/MT-10 in its A-mode power needs a steady throttle hand to avoid its jumpy throttle.

Here, we’ll share a couple tips and tricks you can try to better manage the throttle. Doing what we do here at MO, motorcycles pass through our grubby paws all the time, so getting a feel for how to best manage their power is important. Sometimes these techniques make a big difference, especially on motorcycles with peaky power bands or twitchy throttles. Other times, …read more

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