Church of MO: Top 10 Ups And Downs Of 2010

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By John Burns

It was the wise man of late-night television David Letterman who invented the Top 10 list, but it was MO that perfected it, with a rich history of clickbait articles reaching back to the very beginnings of internet history, a time of monumental in-house servers and monitors the size of wildebeests. A lot really can change in 10 years, and a lot has. Would we call Elena Myers “diminutive dame” today? Let us dominus vobiscum back to 2010, whirled without end, amen.

The moto world takes us on a roller coaster ride!

By Pete Brissette Dec. 29, 2010
We’re just a heartbeat away from the first days of 2011, so now seems as good a time as any to reflect on the many happenings that impacted the two-wheeled world in 2010.Certainly some monsters reared their heads, and the fragile economy continues to hamper a rebound in the moto industry at large, but a few highpoints bear noting, too.

The following collection of events, as well as mounting changes, that reshaped motorcycling in 2010 – or will and may soon alter motorcycling in the future – is by no means a comprehensive list.

If you can think of a significant event or item, good or bad, that we should’ve included, feel free to let us know and make yourself heard in the Reader Feedback.

Here’s to an even better year in 2011!

Down! – Liquidation of Buell Motorcycles – final nail in the coffin

PegasusRaceTeam rider Harald Kitsch on the Erik Buell Racing 1190RR. Powered by a hot-rod version of the engine in the Buell 1125R, the 1190RR is a race-only bike, the first product from Erik Buell Racing. PegasusRaceTeam gave the new Buell race bike its first victory in April 2010.

Although Harley’s shuttering of Buell occurred in mid October 2009, and was already old news by the …read more

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