Behold, the Harley-Davidson HD350/Benelli 350S/Qianjiang QJ350

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By Dennis Chung

Chinese manufacturer Qianjiang registered a new motorcycle design with China’s National Intellectual Property Administration, revealing a new naked bike called the QJ350. Why should you care about a small-displacement Chinese bike?

Well, Qianjiang, of course, is the parent company of Benelli, meaning the bike we see here will likely be rebadged as the Benelli 350S. The new design shares much with the Benelli TNT300 and its follow-up, the 302S, but with new wheels, a higher, shorter tail, a rear tire-hugging fender/plate holder, the headlight, and sharper bodywork.

Still don’t care? Then there’s also the fact that Qianjiang is Harley-Davidson‘s partner for producing a small-displacement model for Asian markets. Originally planned to be a 338cc model, it seems now that the displacement may be closer to 350. The HD350 (for lack of a better name at the moment) won’t look exactly like this bike, as it’s covered in Qianjiang’s QJ branding. But the engine? Take a look at the left side of the QJ350.

Let’s move in a little closer. Notice the engraving? That’s right, it says “Harley-Davidson Motor Company,” confirming this is the engine intended for the new Asian-market Harley.

The design is actually a mishmash of the three brands. The engine says Harley-Davidson, the bodywork says QJ, and the rear fender is stamped with the Benelli logo.

Altogether, this comes across as a bit sloppy, but it’s also …read more

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