Best Womens Motorcycle Boots

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By Troy Siahaan

It’s no secret the overwhelming majority of motorcycle gear is targeted and sized for men. As the majority of motorcycle owners are male, this tends to make sense. However, women represent one of the largest growing demographics in motorcycling, and motorcycle apparel manufacturers are starting to notice, creating apparel fit for the female anatomy. This includes footwear, since the size and shape of men’s and women’s feet can vary widely. Here we’ll bring you a selection of motorcycle boots for women.

Or will we? You might notice that I’m not exactly anatomically qualified to be heading up this kind of assignment. Thankfully, I’ve got riding friends who are, and I reached out to them to ask what they prefer to put on their feet when they ride. Perhaps the surprising answer is that, for extremely technical footwear, like motocross or roadracing boots, these women – like a lot of other women they know – choose to wear men’s boots in small sizes, or even kid’s boots. Thus is the state of technical apparel for women.

So, with the help of some female riders who were gracious enough to provide me with their input, here are some choices for motorcycle footwear for women, in a variety of categories.

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