California Trials Invitational Presented by GASGAS

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By Ryan Adams

Trials is an incredible sport. What those competitors manage to do on two-wheels seems to disregard the laws of physics. I have to admit though, while I find the feats of trials riders’ gravity-defying moto acrobatics mind-boggling, I’ve maintained only a passing interest in trials that has rarely strayed further than spending more time than I should watching videos of Toni Bou, HRC’s 26-time world trials champion, on Instagram. That said, when the invite came through the MO inbox from GasGas to attend its inaugural California Trial Invitational in Murrieta, CA, I was more than willing to accept the assignment.

This event, presented by GasGas, came about in large part due to the cancellation of the 2020 AMA/NATC National MotoTrials Championship series, the premier competition for Trials in the U.S. Thanks, Coronavirus. The canceled series was also the first time GasGas would have been competing Stateside since Pierer Mobility AG – owner of KTM and Husqvarna – acquired a 60% stake in the Spanish company in September 2019. With backing from a company the likes of Pierer Mobility AG, not only is GasGas poised for a level of growth not seen before in the brand’s history, but also, particularly in the U.S., it’s likely that the sport of Trials might benefit as well.

The GasGas-sponsored event saw ten nationally-ranked (and some internationally ranked) competitors from across the country representing four manufacturers invited to compete. Participating in the event were: Louise Forsley – Sherco, Maddie Hoover – GasGas, Kylee Sweeten – Scorpa, Alex Niederer – Beta, Karl Davis – Scorpa, Daniel Blanc-Gonnet GasGas, Josh Roper – Sherco, Alex Myers – Scorpa, Sam Fastle – Sherco, and Will Myers – Scorpa.

Riders took a walk around the enduro course, which would be used for qualifying positions, early in the day.

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