Alpinestars Andes II review

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By Nevin Power


There’s a turn of phrase in Ireland which is used as a withering put-down for people who are struggling to disguise the fact that their feet are not attached to terra-firma. I’m pretty sure I could apply it to my Alpinestars Andes II trousers. As someone who used to slip on waterproof overtrousers above my jeans, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear someone say, “it was far from Alpinestars you were raised”. They’d be right too.

When I donned my waterproof overtrousers and hopped on my little Honda 125 over a decade ago, the Alpinestars brand seemed a world away from me in terms of price and feasibility. However, name me a rider that doesn’t tire of that cold feeling between your legs as you realize your trousers are beginning to surrender to the onslaught of rain.

When you’re using the trousers on an almost-daily basis you want them to work, and when it comes time to replace them you’ll likely have a list of requirements.

My list included decent waterproofing, a comfortable fit over jeans for commuting, ease of adjustment, decent protection, and, maybe even a couple of cooling vents and pockets. The Alpinestars Andes II met all of these requirements on paper, but how did they fare over 12 months of use?

Yours truly wearing the Alpinestars Andes II trousers.

Premium Quality Design

Obviously, almost any motorbike-specific trousers are going to be a step up on old waterproof overalls. This being said, the Andes II trousers really do feel like a premium product, especially when compared against budget trousers or even high-quality offerings from the likes of Richa.

That premium-feeling starts with their design which is not just functional but classy too. There’s no gaudy logos or misplaced colours here. Instead, Alpinestars have used a dark grey print to spell out the …read more

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