2electron Takes its McFly Technology to the Track

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By Wade Thiel

And Shares a Video

I’ve reported on the 2electron McFly technology and electric bike before. The system basically enables an electric bike to sound, feel, and ride like a wide variety of gas-powered motorcycles. The system can emulate anything from a 250cc two-stroke to a 1,000cc sportbike. Through powertrain controls and large speakers, you get the full effect without burning a drop of gasoline.

It might sound too good to be true. If you had a bike that could emulate any motorcycle on the road, then you could have on a bike in your garage instead of several. The 2electron would be a one-bike-does-it-all machine. It’s potentially 1,000 engines in one. This is an awesome technology and makes a case for electric bikes that no other company has made yet.

The company recently sent out a press release stating that the project is now testing on the track. They also shared a teaser video with the world, which you can view below. It shows the bike doing its thing and highlights some of the features of the technology. It’s worth a watch, but it isn’t very long. I’m going to be very interested in how well the technology works. There’s a lot of opportunities here, and if 2electron can pull this off, it could be very interesting.

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