Suzuki Burgman 400 Long-Term Wrap-Up

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By John Burns

There’s really not that much to wrap, frankly. It’s been mostly drama-free. The Suzuki Burgman 400 entered my fleet in mid-March with just 70 miles on the clock, and now sits at 731. That’s not many miles, but you have to understand that Burgman trips mostly happen 4 or 5 miles at a time, the nature of the suburban scooter’s life. Unlike many scooters, though, the Burgman’s size and firepower mean you can take it on extended journeys when you feel like it, which we did at least once, and would’ve done more if the garage didn’t also contain a revolving fleet of bigger bikes that also needed “testing.” With a top speed over 90 mph and an excellent seat for rider and passenger, you really can go places on the Burgman. The linkage-type rear suspension is preload-adjustable, and helps the Burgie ride more like a motorcycle than a scooter.

SoCal Distancing #1: Suzuki Burgman 400 To St. Francis Dam

One of our favorite Burgie destinations is the beach, like 10 miles away from HQ. During the summer, parking can be tough down there, but there’s always room for another Burgie. Bathing suits under riding gear works, and you can lock up your clothes and valuables in the 42-liter (it’s big) storage compartment after you remove your cooler, Finding Dory boogie board and big straw hat. If you have a cable, you can lock two helmets to the underseat hook. Preferably not expensive ones; you know how people with cheap bolt cutters are.

Chrissy Rogers, 5’0,” has no problem bossing the Burgman around. Suzuki claims she’s 474 pounds, but it’s nearly all below the waterline. Seat height is 29.7 inches. Lights are bright LEDs head and tail.

What went Wrong?

The only problem I can report is my own fault: Like lots of …read more

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