How to Test Ride Practically Any Motorcycle

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Unlike cars, it’s not as easy to walk in to your local motorcycle dealership and take a bike for a test ride. And what do you do if you’re looking at buying a used model you can’t easily find in dealerships? Well, wonder no more. Thanks to the internet and the share economy it has helped create, companies like Riders Share let you easily rent a wide variety of popular motorcycles with a few taps of your phone screen, allowing you to test drive til your heart’s content. Go ahead – give it a try! But once you’ve got the bike in your hands, what sort of things should you be paying attention to?

Rent A Motorcycle

This is a perfect question for the gang to answer – after all, testing motorcycles is our job. Here, we’ll take you through a few of the things going through our minds when we test bikes. Odds are, these are the same attributes you notice when riding, but if you’ve only ever ridden your motorcycle, your well of experience probably isn’t very deep. Since we’re fortunate enough to have ridden dozens upon dozens (hundreds, even?) of new models, we have the benefit of context and experience to draw from. We’ll tell you what we’re paying attention to so you can be more aware next time you ride an unfamiliar motorcycle.

So come along. Let’s go for a virtual ride on your next motorcycle rental.


First and foremost, there’s the engine. Apart from a motorcycle’s aesthetics, an engine often dictates how the rest of our opinions will flow. Skipping aesthetics for now (you wouldn’t be riding the bike if you didn’t like the way it looked), the obvious thing to pay attention to with the …read more

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