[Review] Arai XC Open Face Helmet

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By Alan Buller

Note: Arai North America kindly provided the XC for the purposes of this review


Arai has long been known for its high-end class-leading helmets. After reading Jim Pruner’s recent article titled Arai Is The Helmet To Buy (it may be long, but is well worth the read), I was intrigued to try out an Arai helmet. Shortly after Jim’s article was published, the opportunity came up to try the open face XC, and I jumped at it.

Here’s the catch! Although the Arai XC can still be purchased in some markets, Arai no longer makes the XC helmet. We had this helmet available for review at WBW in size XL, but the size and head shape didn’t fit any of the reviewers, so it sat on the shelf. That is until they brought on a guy with a melon for a head (that would be me!).

We thought it would be worth a review as it is a solid helmet that can now be had at an excellent price.

In the past, I have worn half helmets and open face helmets. For the last several seasons, I have almost exclusively used a modular or full-face helmet. Although, last summer I reviewed a Schuberth M1 Pro, which I liked a lot. I was looking forward to feeling a bit of wind in my face, especially with the temperature rising in early to mid-summer.

I hoped to use the helmet for some late spring riding and finish my review on my annual three-day trip that I make with a group of friends, some of which I have known since my early teens. Sadly, this spring would be different, nothing like a world pandemic to squash my enthusiasm. In the province where I reside, the request was made for no non-essential travel. Although there was not …read more

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