[Review] REV’IT! Dirt 3 Gloves

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By Brandon Jackson


Earlier this year I took a look at the Alpinestars SP Air gloves as an option for a protective hot-weather glove and they provided a good balance of protection versus ventilation. However, they had some other issues that kept me looking for another summer glove option.

2020 has not only been a year of massive changes and reassessment of what is normal, but it has also been very hot and humid here in Middle Tennessee. This heat and humidity have been a driver for me to look into a pair of gloves with increased ventilation.

Back in 2018, I reviewed a pair of Sand 3 gloves from REV’IT! and while they ticked a lot of the right boxes, I decided to let them go in favor of keeping the Knox Orsa Leather MkII gloves I already owned.

A couple of months ago I heard (OK, read) on the ADVRider forums about the Dirt 3 gloves from REV’IT!. The Dirt 3 gloves were described as similar to the Sand 3 gloves but with some different armor and ventilation features.

These I had to see.

The REV’IT Dirt 3 Gloves

From the start, I was intrigued by the Dirt 3 gloves. They have a decidedly technical appearance and the Black/Red colorway I thought looked pretty sharp. Of course, I’m not sure why REV’IT! doesn’t mention the gray color as part of the scheme since there is much more of it than there is red but it wasn’t up to me.

black and red color Dirt 3 gloves

Above images from the REV’IT website showing the two available color schemes

Along with the Back/Red color scheme is an all-black color for those who might want …read more

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