[Review] Touratech Aventuro Traveller Carbon Helmet

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By Jim Pruner

The Enigmatic Touratech Aventuro Traveller Carbon

Jay Leno has a magnificent chin on him. I’ve often wondered if it puts any strain on his neck muscles or affects his posture. Just for the record, I’m a big fan of Jay and don’t mean anything derogatory with this observation.

I only mention it because after wearing the Touratech Aventuro Traveller Carbon helmet for the better part of 600 miles of testing, I believe I may have gained some insight into Jay Leno’s lot in life.

I’m getting ahead of myself. Let me back up and tell you a bit about Nexx Helmets so I can then tell you about this Touratech helmet that I appreciate in so many ways, but can’t see myself wearing much beyond the time I spent doing this review.
It’s a shame, really… such a shame.

Nexx Helmets

In June 2019, Cam published a review of the Nexx X-Vilitur modular helmet. He has sung its praises to me whenever we have spoken about modular helmets ever since. I haven’t yet had the opportunity to demo that helmet myself, but I believe it’s as good as Cam says it isEd note – it is..

Nexx Now Builds Touratech Helmets

Nexx is a Portuguese helmet manufacturer and a darn good one. They build their lids right in Portugal as opposed to China where most other companies do. That may be a positive in your mind or a moot point. In any case it’s FYI.

It used to be Touratech helmets were rebranded SCHUBERTH helmets that were built in Germany. So for example, the Aventuro Mod is a SCHUBERTH E1 “farkled” or jazzed up to Touratech’s more luxurious specifications. It’s similar to the relationship between Honda and Acura, or Toyota and Lexus..

The Aventuro Mod is the modular helmet predecessor to this new <a class="colorbox" …read more

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