Japan-Only 2021 Honda CBR600RR Revealed

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By Dennis Chung

After teasing us earlier this month, Honda officially introduced its updated 2021 CBR600RR for the Japanese market. That’s right, the updated CBR600RR has only been confirmed for Japan, with just 1,000 units being produced, while Honda’s U.S. and European arms say there are no plans to introduce it in their respective markets.

So, for those of us who aren’t in Japan, what are we missing?

For starters, there’s the new bodywork which blends a bit of the previous model with the CBR1000RR-R. The new CBR600RR sports a pair of winglets Honda says were designed to generate downforce to optimize stability while entering corners or turning while accelerating. Honda also designed the shape of the fairing to improve aerodynamics, claiming the lowest drag coefficient in the supersport class.

Other visual changes include a new, more compact headlight which now uses LEDs. In fact, all of the lighting except the license plate lamp are LEDs.

The engine remains a liquid-cooled DOHC four-valve Inline-Four, displacing 599cc, but internally, Honda used new materials for the camshafts, valve springs and crankshaft. The result is the engine now spins another 2,000 rpm before reaching peak power. Honda also increased the diameter of the intake throttle bore, tweaked the inlet port shape for the intake system and adjusted the valve timing while changing the thickness of parts of the the exhaust system. Honda claims 119 hp at 14,000 rpm and 47.2 lb-ft at 11,500 rpm for the 2021 CBR600RR.

The 2021 CBR600RR produces more power and torque at high engine speeds but loses a bit in the midrange to the previous model.

The new CBR600RR is equipped with a five-axis IMU from Bosch to help modulate the anti-lock braking and traction control systems. With a throttle-by-wire system and an ECU, …read more

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