Motorcycle Rental: Everything You Need to Know

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By Ryan Adams

So you’re thinking about renting a motorcycle? Maybe you’re planning a vacation to a far off land where transporting your own motorcycle would be cost-prohibitive or perhaps you’re looking to get some seat time on a potential purchase. Whatever the reason, motorcycle rental is a great way to try something new or add some riding potential to a vacation. There are dozens of motorcycle rental companies around the world, some big, some small, but usually the process is relatively similar when it comes to the rental experience. We’ve put together what we believe to be the major points you should consider when looking to rent a motorcycle.

What kind of experience do you have?

Motorcycle rental is a great way to try out new motorcycles within or outside the genre of what’s sitting in your garage, but be smart when choosing a rental bike. If you’ve been riding lightweight small displacement motorcycles for your entire riding career, getting a track-ready 200-plus horsepower machine or a 1,000-pound hunk of American Iron probably isn’t the best idea, particularly if you’re planning a vacation somewhere you’ve never ridden before. Also, if you ride something like a sportbike for your daily but want to go on a vacation and cruise Route 66 on a big V-Twin, just know that there will be a learning curve. Take the first few miles (or more) to get acquainted with your machine. Learn how the power delivery comes on, get a feel for the brakes, and feel out any handling characteristics that may be different from what you’ve ridden before.

Large companies, like Eaglerider in the US and Hertz in the US and abroad, have sizable rental fleets that range from 250cc dual-sport bikes to top-of-the-line touring machines from various manufacturers. Even if a major company like that …read more

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