Participate in the 14th International Female Ride Day

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By Wade Thiel

Get Ready for August 22

The 2020 International Female Ride Day is tomorrow. The event was rescheduled from its normal day in May due to COVID-19, but it’s happening tomorrow, August 22. Motoress, which founded the event has published a guide for riders.

In case you don’t know, International Female Ride Day is a day of riding to celebrate all of the lovely ladies who enjoy life on two wheels. You can ride by yourself or ride with some friends, but the important thing is to get out there on your bike. The first International Female Ride Day was held in 2007, since then it has ballooned into a pretty big deal, and for good reason. Women are a growing and extremely important group in the motorcycling community.

When you go out for a ride, make sure to snap a quick picture or video and post it to social media. Tag the post with #IFRD and #InternationalFemaleRideDay.

Indian Motorcycle is sponsoring the event this year, and is working to ensure that as many people as possible participate. In a press release sent out by the company, Pam Kermisch, Chief Customer Engagement and Growth Officer for Polaris (Indian Motorcycle’s parent company) said the following:

“It’s encouraging to see more and more female riders around the world riding motorcycles as a pastime, and joining the Indian Motorcycle brand. IFRD is an incredible movement in its unique ability to rally the cause of female riders, and more importantly, female empowerment on a global level, and that’s something we are very proud to be a part of.”

So, tomorrow is Saturday, and that means you should enjoy your weekend by going for a ride and participating in International Female Ride Day.

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