Church of MO: 2010 Triumph Rocket III Roadster Vs. 2010 Star VMax

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By John Burns

Holy of moleys, the miracle isn’t that the VMax is still around, but that Yamaha wants to sell you one for $1501 less than in 2010 – a deflationary $17,999. The Triumph Rocket III of yore could’ve been yours for just $13,999. The reinvented 2020 Rocket 3 has much more kept up with inflation, but also with modern technology, and would no doubt give the old VMax an even rougher run for its money. Let he who is without 160 horsepower cast the first throne.

Big-bore power struggle

By Pete Brissette Jun. 16, 2010
Photography by Pete Brissette

From its earliest days as a product of the Yamaha motorcycle brand, the VMax was the icon of brute force on two wheels.Merely mentioning the VMax is sure to conjure images of a rear tire-roasting, muscle-bound, two-wheeled monster in the mind of just about any bike enthusiast old enough to recall the 1985 release of Mad Max.

And to this day the VMax retains much of its lore, even as a member of the Star Motorcycles brand.

A thorough and bold redesign of the VMax in 2009 – that included a massive boost in performance from its legendary V-4 engine – has not only stirred the souls of veteran riders, it’s also exposed a whole new generation of riders to the august Mr. Max.

Coupla hogzillas here. 2010 Triumph Rocket Roadster and 2010 Star VMax.

Although Triumph’s Rocket III is a babe in the woods next to the long-running Max, it made an indelible mark on all of motorcycledom when unveiled in 2004.

Its massive, longitudinally mounted inline-Triple and three prominent exhaust headers were, and still are, striking. The Rocket has an imposing but approachable presence, as if it were a Boss Hoss Lite.

The Rocket, like the VMax, continues to thrill and intrigue since its birth.

It’s the VMax. What …read more

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