[Review] 2020 Wolfman Luggage Expedition Saddle Bag

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By Bruce Cole


This is the first of three new for 2020 Wolfman Luggage reviews. Wolfman Motorcycle Luggage is a long-term major player in the motorcycle luggage industry and for 2020 Wolfman has redesigned their whole line. Every new product is redesigned using heavy duty nylon with TPU laminate and radio frequency (RF) welded for strength and absolute sealing. The new gear is still distinctively Wolfman in look and function, but now even better.

Close to three decades ago, one of my first tank bags was a Wolfman soft textile bag that had a bit of form and tons of function; that bag probably saw at least 80,000kms of use over a decade or more in travel across Canada, the US and a country or two in Europe – sadly it’s not sitting on my collector shelf.

Late last year, Wolfman announced their New for 2020 lineup with their entire line revised, modernized, and otherwise refreshed; in essence, everything was new. And as everything is ‘new’, wBW wanted to get some of the new products to try and get a jump on things for the pending riding season…well, we know how that has turned out.

Early in the new year, we touched base with Lisa at Wolfman Luggage to see about getting some of the new for 2020 WP (waterproof) products and within a short period of time they had agreed to send three products; a set of the Expedition Saddle Bags, a Blackhawk Tank Bag and a Wolf Bottle Holster – a good sampling indeed. wBW has reviews on all three products.

But with COVID-19 dictating the ebb and flow of many things around the world, production of and shipment from their Global Warehouse got delayed and then, early stock was in short supply and needed for the first series of 2020 motorcycle shows.

It was …read more

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