Wartime 1945 Indian Chief Essential Service For Sale

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By Simon Bertram

We don’t usually post up bikes for sale here on webBikeWorld, but this is one of those that you see and just go “Damn, that’s a cool bike!”

On BringATrailer, a wartime 1945 Indian Chief that was built for essential civilian use is up for sale, with the sale ending September 2, 2020. Also included is a video of the bike starting up, and a few drive-bys.

These essential service bikes were some of the few bikes during World War II that was to be used under the definition of “Any police department, municipality, plant protection facility or essential user.”

While many Indians over the years have been chromed to the max, the only shiny bit on this bike is the speedo bezel. This is because chromium was deemed a vital wartime material.

Wartime 1945 Indian Chief

All the normal chrome bits are otherwise painted, and the traditional fender skirts are missing, exposing the wheels.

Wartime 1945 Indian Chief

This particular Chief has a 74ci flathead V-twin that produced a strong 40 HP for the 1940s.

Wartime 1945 Indian Chief

The bike, as was normal at the time, features a left-hand throttle. This is because, during the 40s, the right hand controlled the spark advance and the front brake.

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