MO Tested: Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Riding Shoes

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By Troy Siahaan

As I write this, Southern California is under an excessive heat warning, with the next three days bringing temps that can soar up to 110ºF (that’s 43ºC for you non-Americans) in my area. Honestly, when the temps get that high, I’d rather hop in a pool than ride a motorcycle. But even if you’re riding on a nice day, engine heat can radiate right to your feet. No matter how the heat gets to your toes, it’s times like these when a highly breathable shoe is a godsend.

Enter the Alpinestars Faster 3 Rideknit Shoes. The magic ingredient here is the Rideknit material, which is basically Alpinestars speak for the knitted mesh material you’ll find all over the shoe, including the outer, the tongue, and the area surrounding the outer ankle. This allows a huge amount of air to enter the shoe. Then again, if you’re riding on the surface of the sun, as it seems we’re currently doing here in SoCal, then no amount of mesh is really going to keep your toes cold.

We’re all familiar with the amount of air you can flow through mesh material, and the Rideknit material is no different. What’s also cool is the smooth transition from Rideknit to microfiber. if you opt for the standard Faster 3 shoe, you’ll get this microfiber throughout.

For all the areas not surrounded by the Rideknit material, there’s synthetic microfiber. This includes the inner shoe, reinforced toebox and shift pad, and the heel counter. What makes the Faster 3 a cool shoe (pun not intended) is how the combination of Rideknit material and microfiber seamlessly blend together, with smooth transitions from one material to the other. It’s definitely a stylish riding shoe that looks just as dope off the bike as on.

Speaking of putting the shoe on, it’s really …read more

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