Rolling Blackouts Hit The Ténéré 700 With New Accessory Line

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By Chase Hadden

Some Exciting Upgrades For Your New Ténéré 700.

If you managed to snag a Ténéré 700 before seasons end, you may find solace in knowing that Yamaha Europe announced their new black accessory line to keep you occupied during this year’s off season. September marks the end of riding season for many of us living in colder climates (Europe… I’m looking at you), and we all know nothing keeps the “ride withdrawal” at bay more than slapping a few upgrades on the ol’ steed while you wait out the snow.

Tenere 700 Black Skid Plate

Tenere 700 Black Chain Guard

*Fades to black*…

Introducing the Ténéré 700 black accessory line. Compared to it’s far more established 1000cc big brother, the Ten700 hasn’t quite had its first surge of aftermarket support, but Yamaha Europe deems to change that with their total of six new accessories to personalize your Ten700 riding experience.

We’ll start off with the biggest (and in my opinion, most important) pieces in the collection: Yamaha’s Explorer Packs, and Akrapovič‘s titanium slip-on exhaust. The explorer packs are now available in black to match your new bat-bike and combine for a total of 74 liters of aluminum carrying …read more

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