Church of MO: 2010 Kymco Scooter Lineup Intro

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By John Burns

Has anyone seen a new Kymco lately? The giant Taiwanese manufacturer claimed to be the world’s largest scooter manufacturer once upon a time. Maybe it still is. But it’s crickets from our U.S. importer. Rumors have swirled, involving corporate intrigue, strained international relations – and was the naming of the 2010 sportbike Quannon 150″ just a coincidence, or that the 2010 introduction took place at the elite Biltmore Estate? We think not. Ten years on, we need answers. And soon!

Going after the old guard

By Lucas Cooney Oct. 07, 2009
Photos by Scott Hirko & Robert Pandya
To show off its 2010 scooter lineup, Kymco invited journalists to Asheville, NC and the impressive Biltmore Estate.Besides a century-old working farm and a popular winery, the Biltmore Estate also boasts the largest private home in the United States, built by railroad tycoon George Vanderbilt. The Vanderbilt family is the very definition of old money, which is apt because with its new scoots Kymco is taking direct aim the “old money” of the scooter world – Vespa.

Though Kymco scooters have only been on U.S. shores for the last 10 years, the Kwang Yang Motor Company has been in business since 1963. Kymco had a decades-long partnership with Honda and currently builds the engine for BMW‘s G450X enduro bike. Unlike many overseas manufacturers, Kymco makes no bones about the fact that it intends to directly compete with the big boys.

The Biltmore Estate and the surrounding highways of Asheville, NC made for a beautiful backdrop to Kymco’s 2010 model introduction.

Kymco USA Marketing Director Rick Pawelka told that he feels Kymco scooters are every bit as good as anything made by Vespa or anybody else.

“My ultimate goal is to have people in the U.S. buy a Kymco scooter because they want a Kymco, …read more

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