Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Rentals: Five Things You Need To Know

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By Evans Brasfield

Traveling the wide-open highways with a big V-Twin thundering away between your knees, there is something quintessentially American about touring on a Harley-Davidson. While only a fantasy for non-riders, it can easily be a dream come true for any licensed motorcycle rider, thanks to motorcycle rental companies. We are lucky to live in a time in which multiple viable options exist for Harley-Davidson rentals. From big rental companies (Eagle Rider and Hertz) to little mom-and-pop operations that cater to a specific region to the burgeoning rider share companies (Riders Share or Twisted Road), never have we had better opportunities to see this huge country from the seat of a rented motorcycle.

Still, renting a Harley-Davidson requires more planning than just picking up a car at the airport rental kiosk for a similar trip. In this article, however, we’re going to skip over the obvious necessities, like being a competent, licensed motorcyclist or what insurance to carry. Those issues are covered with the rental itself. Instead, let’s take a gander at issues and opportunities offered by a motorcycle rental.

1. Decide on which category Harley you want to rent

Maybe you ride a Harley cruiser and want to step up to a bagger or a full-dress tourer, or perhaps you own a dresser and want to try a little more casual touring with a Heritage Classic or a Road King. Rentals offer you to expand the range of Harleys that you have ridden. Remember to consider the type of riding and the number of miles you want to cover when selecting your motorcycle. While you can spend all day in the saddle of a Breakout, watching the mileposts go by, but do you want to when there are more comfortable …read more

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