[Review] Sena Outrush Modular Helmet

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By Bruce Cole


In heading towards the fall season and with (hopefully) the worst of the heat and humidity behind us, but in coping with our COVID-19 environment, our motorcycling activities are ramping back up (not that they stopped) to take advantage of the cooler and perhaps drier weather; but in not forgetting the rules and maintaining the necessary protocols.

Prolonged distance travel, especially ADV oriented, still seems to be a ways-off. There is always hope and in the meantime, sticking close to home lots of ‘rediscovering’ of local roads, secondaries, and trails is ongoing.

Combining this rediscovery along with new product testing just seems right, not that one needs an excuse to get out and turn the moto-wheels. Among many new products in the queue is the subject of this wBW review – the Sena Outrush Modular Smart Helmet.

I am a big fan of good modular helmets and not just because I wear eyeglasses full time; they provide or can provide fit, feel, comfort, and functional benefits vis-à-vis full-face or three-quarter helmets.

Smart Helmets from Sena

Sena continues to expand their ‘Smart Helmet’ line with the release of the modular Outrush and its integrated BT v3.0 system that doesn’t seem to be based on a previous Sena architecture.

The BT capabilities found with the Outrush aren’t the usual firmware-based full-meal deal, but still provide a satisfying menu of value Sena essentials including pairing for three other systems, two-party HD intercom, music streaming, and phone use options.

The updated Sena Smart Helmet lineup is:

  • Outrush – modular, integrated BT system, 2-user intercom
  • Momentum EVO – full-face, integrated BT/Mesh system
  • Momentum INC PRO – full-face, INC, integrated BT and QHD Camera systems
  • Momentum PRO – full-face, integrated BT and QHD Camera systems
  • Outstar – open face jet-style, face shield & sun visor, integrated BT system, 2-user intercom
  • Savage – open face ¾ style, integrated BT system, …read more

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