Countersteer: Campfire Bound

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By Ryan Adams

The team and I have been grounded longer than usual this year. It’s not all bad. Some of us actually enjoy being with our family, and it’s given us time to complete those long-standing projects around the house while simultaneously creating new ones. That said, it’s only a matter of time before the antsy feeling of wanderlust starts to creep in. Nothing quite satiates a much-needed break from the day-to-day (especially the day-to-day of 2020) like a lil’ camping and a lil’ motorcycle riding.

At this point in time, my wanderlust was far past creeping in. I was irritable, annoyed, and no doubt a general pain in the ass to deal with (more so than usual, right Evans?! [You’ll find out during your annual review. – EB.]). I needed a break, and I think those around me agreed. It just so happened that the stars aligned in my favor between two press bikes, a press truck, friends riding in Colorado, and a rare opening in my schedule. Who was I to dismiss what was obviously meant to be?

I re-jetted the carb on the 2021 Beta 300 RR press bike for the impending altitude and loaded it and the 2020 Husqvarna FE 350s loaner (no carbs to re-jet, thanks, fuel injection) into the CarbonPro truck bed of a brand new GMC Sierra Denali (more on that in a future story). After folding up the rear seat and stuffing all of my camping and riding gear in, I set off on a 12-hour trip to the southwest portion of Colorado.

One of the great things about our big ol’ country is just how big it is. Even though most of us have had to cancel our international travel plans, we’re fortunate that there’s such a vast array of land to be …read more

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