In 2017, the World Lost Victory: a Look Back at Victory Motorcycles

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By Joe Appleton

When the Victory story came to an end in 2017, the brand left behind a legacy. Or rather, the departure of Victory left a hole in the market that still hasn’t been filled. While many riders may state that the market is already saturated with American-style cruisers, Victory offered something different.

It breathed a breath of fresh air into a stagnant market right when it needed it most. And just when things were starting to get really exciting for the brand, Polaris went and pulled the plug.

This is the short history of the greatest American brand that could’ve been.

The Beginning Of Victory Motorcycles

The concept behind Victory first emerged in 1994. Polaris Industries, a company renowned for building power sports products such as jet skis, ATVs, and snowmobiles, announced plans to enter the motorcycle arena. To do that, the company embarked on a market research exercise that produced interesting results.

Polaris learned that there was room in the market for something to rival Harley-Davidson. Big American cruisers were (and always will be) popular, but consumers were looking for another manufacturer to buy from, rather than buying into the Harley-Davidson dream.

During the mid-90s, motorcycle sales were soaring, and the likes of Harley-Davidson were experiencing an unprecedented sales boom. Polaris decided to capitalize on that demand by offering a more affordable, yet still American made, product.

In 1997, Victory was born. In the same year, Polaris pulled the covers off of a new American cruiser: the V92C.

The Victory V92C went on sale in 1998. The new kid on the block featured a 1,507cc V-twin engine, making it the largest displacement cruiser on the market at the time. But there was more to this exciting new model than size.

The engine was modern. It featured modern engineering that resulted in a smooth, fast, and reliable power that outclassed …read more

Source:: In 2017, the World Lost Victory: a Look Back at Victory Motorcycles


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