Lose The Ugly Signals – Denali T3 Switchback Signal Pods Are Here to Help

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By Chase Hadden

Ever Owned a Yamaha With Those Gigantic Stock Turn Signals? I’m Sorry.

My 2015 FJ09 has such ugly turn signals I honestly get embarrassed when other bike guys check out my ride. They’ve bugged me since the day I bought the bike, but it’s just such an out-of-the-way mod to spend a day figuring out and a lack of quality product options to choose from so they’ve sat there ever since.

This is one of those products I think I might actually buy right after writing the article. Denali now has their T3 Switchback Turn Signals (front and back) available for pre-order.

What is a switchback turn signal you might ask? The pods will illuminate either white or red (depending on if they’re rear or front) up until you turn on your signal, where the high powered LED’s switch to a bright yellow blink to indicate a lane change or turn. This is an awesome feature for your bike to keep it looking clean while maintaining proper safety (also, cya giant 27/4 yellow Yamaha bulb things).

I’m not sure if the product photos do them justice because these things are REALLY bright. Whether you want to mount them to your plate or under your seat, the best part about this kit is the modular design of the signals allows for placement anywhere. Their website showcases them being used in a few different applications ranging from complete signal replacement to additional lights for safety. The kit comes with a set of self-tapping screws so you can stick em’ wherever looks best for your bike.

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