2020 Triumph Daytona Moto2 765 Review

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By Troy Siahaan

When Triumph introduced the Daytona 675, it became popular for a number of reasons but primarily because it was different. While the rest of the supersport category relied on four cylinders and 599cc, Triumph ditched a cylinder and made the remaining three spit out 675cc of air. It made a wonderful sound unlike anything else in the class, it was narrow, it handled well, and the power was impressive.


I’m guessing people mainly gravitated towards the bike for the sound, but at the time of its release, supersport racing was a big deal around the world. Racing success was mixed, but nonetheless the Daytona has carried with it a cult-like following.

Which is why Triumph’s announcement, at the end of 2018, that it would be supplying the Moto2 class with a new 765cc three-cylinder engine from 2019 onwards, replacing the 599cc Four based on the Honda CBR600RR, got myself (and I’m sure many others) really excited. Surely this meant an updated Daytona road bike was in the works.

Triumph’s Daytona Moto2 765 is the successor to the previous 675 more people should be excited about. It’s too bad it’s being produced in such limited numbers.

Well, not exactly

Triumph basically went silent on updated Daytona announcements, releasing instead an updated Street Triple 765 that, while fun, wasn’t a Daytona. The big announcement came with this, the Daytona Moto2 765, a co-branded effort with Dorna to promote the Moto2 connection. It’s a limited edition model, with only 1,530 models being made – 765, or half of them, coming to North America, while the rest get spread out over Europe.

Naturally, imaginations went wild dreaming about what this new Daytona would bring to the table. The 765cc Triple was obvious, but with the Moto2 connection what else was there? …read more

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