Belstaff Resolve Riding Boot: Class, Comfort, Protection

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By Chase Hadden

It’s Not Redwing, It’s Belstaff

Nice gear goes hand in hand with nice bikes; you don’t want to be found on your resto-modded Ducati cafe racer wearing racing boots and a Monster Energy sponsor jacket… Or maybe you do (oops)… But if you don’t, just remember that sometimes elegance calls for elegance, which is important when picking out gear for you to wear on your rides. Belstaff is on top of the game when it comes to class and safety in it’s purest form.

Belstaff’s new Pure Motorcycle collection really cranks the class meter to 11. What would a bubble shield helmet look like as riding footwear? The answer is Belstaff’s new Resolve leather boots. When I’m looking for new gear it’s important that I have a product that I can safely wear on the road, but won’t make me look like a space cadet to everyone else when I pull up to the restaurant for a lunch date.

These kicks share some DNA with high-quality work boots, being manufactured from 1.8mm to 2mm tumbled leather with reinforced heel and toe caps. They have an extra layer of leather over the toe to help with wear from shifting, as well as armour pucks around the ankles to assist with sliding and protection in the event of an incident.

Being fully waterproof, some may raise concern over how hot you’ll get wearing them in the summer but Belstaff insists that the boot’s waterproof membrane was designed with breathability in mind.

Vibram Sole’s are known as the most iconic soles on earth, so I’m happy to see Belstaff not cutting any corners with specific areas of construction on the boot. From what …read more

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