[REVIEW] Wireless Smart Helmet Light by Brake Free

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By Bruce Cole


To repeat a statement made in the Introduction Section of the inView Wireless Helmet Brake and Turn Signal System review…”technology isn’t standing still”, even in our COVID-19 world; in fact, in some ways, some technologies have seen an acceleration with many solutions coming into their own to provide timely pandemic coping tools and solutions.

From a motorcycling perspective, it seems many of us have also ramped up our desire to ride, alone or together; have you noticed how hard it is in some markets to find a lightweight off-road or ADV-travel oriented moto on showroom floors? Don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad thing – any upturn should be a good thing in these days.

But this uptick, as we transition from summer to early fall, to getting two wheels covering ground – paved or otherwise, also means there are as many, if not more of us on the roads; and with cooler nights and less heat and humidity during the day, motorcyclists are everywhere it seems.

Which means that we have become an even bigger presence on the bi-ways and highways (and everything in between) and as such, we all need to do our part in being and remaining an identifiable visible presence while on those same roads.

Most motorcyclists, including those of us with a long involvement in safety at all levels and within all disciplines know that our ‘presence’ is a tenuous thing; one road user will recognize and acknowledge your presence but the next ten users won’t. And for new riders, even with preparatory training, establishing a presence takes work.

We really are, for the most part, invisible on the road and after 50+ years of riding, this fact remains first and foremost when starting the motorcycle. Is it frustrating – yes, is it fact – totally. This …read more

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