2021 BMW M1000RR First Look

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By Dennis Chung

BMW officially announced its first two-wheeled M model with the new M1000RR. Based on the S1000RR, no slouch on its own, the M1000RR offers a higher level of performance, adding aerodynamic wings and bumping the power output up to a claimed 212 hp while reducing the claimed curb weight to 423 pounds.

The styling takes after the S1000RR but with the addition of winglets made of clear-coat carbon fiber. The winglets help produce more downforce, counteracting wheelies while helping traction control and drive power work more efficiently.

BMW employed WSBK riders Tom Sykes and Eugene Laverty and World Endurance racer Markus Reiterberger to test the new aerodynamics on the track. Riding the M1000RR, Reiterberger lapped just 2.101 seconds behind Sykes and 1.590 seconds behind Laverty who rode their WSBK racebikes.

Like the S1000RR, the BMW M1000RR is powered by a 999cc liquid-cooled Inline-Four with the ShiftCam technology offering variable vale timing and lift. For the M model, BMW added new two-ring forged pistons from Mahle that were fortified with two additional crossbars in the box. The new pistons are also each 0.4 ounces lighter than the S1000RR’s pistons. BMW also swapped out the S1000RR’s tempered steel connecting rods with longer and lighter titanium con-rods from Pankl. This allowed BMW to increase the compression ratio to 13.5:1 from 13.3:1, while increasing the maximum engine speed to 15,100 rpm from 14,600 rpm. The ShiftCam system is similar to the S1000RR’s application, but the M1000RR makes use of a new exhaust valve spring assembly and slimmer, lighter rocker arms.

The M1000RR also uses variable intake funnels with a servomotor adjusting the length of the funnels to optimize performance, especially at high engine speeds.

The result, according to BMW, is a maximum output of 212 hp at 14,500 rpm. Peak torque remains at a claimed …read more

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