Quin Design Helmets Crash Detection System Alerts Riders Wife After Phone Is Run Over

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By Chase Hadden

Your Worst Nightmare Can Have A Happy Ending With Enough Safety Precautions

The technological advancement we’ve seen in motorcycle safety technology as of late has been nothing short of stunning. From airbag vests to D30 body armor, we have innovated over and over again; finding new ways to keep an extremely dangerous hobby a little safer for all of us.

On September 5th 2020, a motorcycle rider by the name of Nick Nankervis went for a quick ride down the block to pick up some baby supplies from the grocery store in Dayton Ohio. The car he was trailing behind in traffic suddenly slammed on its breaks, prompting Nick to do a low-side skid across the road after he fell off his bike trying to avoid the collision.

Nick, a father of a new 2-month-old son, immediately reached for his phone after the collision before realizing that his mobile device had skipped across the road into oncoming traffic and was crushed by cars driving past leaving it inoperable.

(This is the part where the hero smashes through the roof and saves the day.)

Nick is smart. Nick is wearing a Quin Design helmet that came with an emergency response feature, immediately informing his wife via text that he may have been in a collision. In the official release, it states that Nick’s wife, Teddi, initially thought he may have just dropped his helmet at a gas station, but after repeatedly calling him with no avail she decided he may have been in danger and alerted authorities.

Within 7 minutes following the accident, the emergency response team was already at the exact location of the accident to check upon him. Nick suffered from minor injuries (thank the helmet).

The official release from Quin Design states, “Nick said the police were “astounded” at the capabilities of the …read more

Source:: Quin Design Helmets Crash Detection System Alerts Riders Wife After Phone Is Run Over


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