Profile: Arch Motorcycle & the Performance Cruiser

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By Joe Appleton

Arch Motorcycle is a luxury motorcycle manufacturer based in Hawthorne, California. The company was founded in 2011 by actor Keanu Reeves and bike designer Gard Hollinger. Together, the duo and the rest of the team at Arch Motorcycle create exclusive and bespoke machines for discerning customers.

Though the company was officially founded in 2011, the history of Arch Motorcycle dates back a little further.

In 2007, Reeves met with Hollinger for the first time. Reeves was looking for a custom builder to work on his Harley Davidson, installing custom handlebars, a big sissy bar with a throne seat, and all manner of custom paraphernalia. At the time, Hollinger said no, but this initial meeting between the two marked the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

Over the years, the pair discussed their own philosophies about motorcycle riding and what a motorcycle should be. Eventually, Hollinger relented and started work on a custom bike for Reeves. During the process, the project evolved into something else.

As soon as Hollinger finished the actor’s custom, and after the pair had taken it for a ride, Reeves wanted more.

Reeves was so impressed that he insisted that his exceptional motorcycle should be unleashed on the world.

Again, forever the pragmatist, Hollinger wasn’t immediately enthusiastic. However, after Reeves had explained his reasoning about creating something exceptional as a lasting legacy to the motorcycle industry, Hollinger agreed, and the ARCH Motorcycle Company, LLC was formally founded in 2011.

It was a company built on a solid foundation of enthusiasm, passion, design, and innovation. These principles are a crucial part of ARCH’s mission statement.

The Birth of the “American Performance Cruiser”

“I want a production custom motorcycle you can ride,” was the brief that Reeves gave to Hollinger and his crew when ARCH began brainstorming their first production model. It must have the fit, …read more

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