The Best 2020 SuperSport Bikes You Can Buy

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By Simon Bertram

Riding a motorcycle means something different to anyone that rides. Some ride to relax. Some ride because of the freedom it makes them feel. Some ride as a primary means of commuting.

However, there is that subset of riders that ride for the adrenaline. The riders that want to redline at 16,500 RPM, that want to have to buy replacement knee pucks for their one-piece leathers because it’s been worn down so much on the track. The ones that want to go super fast.

In this list, we’ve put together what we believe to be the top 10 supersport bikes of 2020, before the 2021 models and model refreshes come out. And this is despite our #2 bike actually being released closer to 2021, it is up for sale and has had media and private track days to test it out!

10: 2020 Honda CBR600RR

This is nothing against the superb Honda CBR600RR, it’s just that out of the 20 or 30 great new supersport motorcycles in 2020, someone had to come 10th.

The CBR600RR is a great introduction into the reason that more displacement isn’t always better. With a ridiculously gutsy 600cc inline-4, the little bike from Honda has become the standard bearer for what true sports riding is about. It leaps off the line, it controls beautifully through corners, and it has a really positive, confidence-inducing brake feel from both the front and back.

Add to that the many years that Honda raced in both World SBK and MotoGP when they had 600cc classes, and all that racing technology and knowledge is laser focused into a street legal bike that can ride as hard as you want, and keep begging for more.

9: 2020 Kawasaki Ninja 650

Much like the Honda above, no list would be complete without the supersport bike, the Kawasaki …read more

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