Kawasaki to Reveal Six New Models on Nov. 23

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By Dennis Chung

Kawasaki confirmed it will launch six new 2021 models for North America, with an updated Ninja ZX-10R expected to be among them. A timer on Kawasaki U.S.A.’s website ticks down to Nov. 23 at 6 am PST for the big reveal. A teaser video and images show six models under cover, with clues hinting at dual sport models and sportbikes.

The teaser images show just a bit of six models’ wheels but we should caution against putting too much stock into their shapes. Kawasaki has been known in past years to use placeholder images, and a couple of the bikes shown here are clear copy and paste jobs of each other. Taking the images at face value, three of the models have wire spoke wheels and the other three have cast wheels.

The first model featured in the video is a dual sport, as the footage shows wire spoke wheels and knobby tires moving from a paved to unpaved surfaces.

The second bike is also shown with wire spokes but the tires are much smoother. The accompanying footage shows close-ups of a race track with a lot of debris and tire marks. Taken together, the clues suggest a supermoto.

The video groups the third and fourth bikes together, which suggests two similar models with slight variations distinguishing them. The two bikes are paired with aerial shots of a race track

The fifth model is also accompanied by track footage, but judging from the foliage and lighting, it looks like a completely different circuit than in the previous shots.

Based on the shots of various terrain and an open highway, the final bike appears to be an adventure touring model. In the screenshot above, we can easily identify a beak-style front fender and a tall windscreen.

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Source:: Kawasaki to Reveal Six New Models on Nov. 23


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